24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

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The Best Free Notion Templates for Students

When it comes to managing your classes, budgets, and late-night parties, it becomes super overwhelming to manage it all. Thankfully Notion, the #1 all-in-one workstation, delivers some of the best tools to manage your hectic 4 years in college.

For college students, you have to remember to pick up your textbooks from Amazon, cram for your next exam, while running on coffee and that mashed together peanut butter and jelly sandwich you made before class.

Don’t worry, I organized these 24 Notion Templates for College Students (and really all students) because I know managing your four years at a new school can be TOUGH! Plus all 24 templates are FREE!

Yessir, I scoured the internet to find the best free notion templates for students. Also I know the thumbnail says, 23, I was just too lazy to edit it. Trust me, there’s 24. My sources: Me.

So, hopefully, I made finding the perfect Notion template as easy as finding a new backpack. You’re welcome. 🙂

Productivity Notion Templates for College Students

From note-taking, project managing, to task management, these 5 productivity Notion templates for students will make sure you don’t slack in class!

1) Quill Library (A Notion Library Template)

I know a lot of students are fans of learning from Youtube videos ranging from inspiring Ted Talks to insight graduation speeches. If you’re willing to stick through another 4 years of school, then chances are you’ll sit through Steve Jobs’ unforgettable Stanford graduation speech. The lessons in these talks are always jam packed with super valuable wisdom that’s easy to forget. So I made this library to help you document all the important notes and ideas you’ll have.

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

These videos can remind you why you started your college career, or why you applied to that internship in the first place. Sometimes we can forget those impactful lessons as we get distracted by social media or those tickets to Mexico you bought for your family’s New Years party.

The template also includes my own personal library of notes. I’ve been playing around with AI to help create transcriptions that you can read in case you don’t have the time to watch an entire 7 minute video (I know that self prescribed ADHD we all got from TikTok ain’t helping).

Quill library notion template

And you don’t need to only use this template for speeches. You can also make some minor edits to turn into your own personal notes library for traditional novels or audiobooks. I’m also always open to suggestions on how to make this template better so feel free to leave any feedback on the template form.

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2) Start-Up 101 Notion Template by Diondraya Taylor from Mindset & Milestones 

If you’re in college, there’s a good chance that you likely have an entrepreneurial center like they do at UCSB and at UCLA. And likely, you’ll either want to create an idea or build the next social network. If that sounds like you then I think you really need to check out this cool template from Diondraya Taylor.

24 Free Notion Templates for College StudentsShe’s a UCLA Ph.D. student who created this template to help college students and entrepreneurs get their start-up ideas going. It comes with an idea creation board to help you come up with an idea. It also comes with essential guides and other tools to help you make your idea come to life.

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

If you need more advice on how to become an entrepreneur in college, she has a whole website called Mindset & Milestones dedicated to teaching leadership and entrepreneurial skills. We even got featured on their How To Become a Digital Entrepreneur article! So even if you don’t know how to invent the next Facebook, this template and her site will be a great place to start!

That way, you can take advantage of the resources your college has to offer while you try to solve the world’s biggest problems with this start-up Notion template.

Duplicate the template –> 

2) The Ultimate Note-Taking Template for Notion by Thomas Frank

If you’re a college student then you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to figure out how to take notes. We’ve written entire articles about it.

So you know we had to feature The Ultimate Note-Taking Template for Notion by none other than Productivity Genius, Thomas Frank!

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

I’ve been following Thomas Frank and his YouTube channel on how to win at college since I was an incoming freshman. Needless to say, his Ultimate Note-Taking Notion template is a must-have for any student looking to improve their notes!

This template comes jam-packed with:

It’s a simple note-taking template so that you can organize your notes, thoughts, or ideas while on the go.

Here’s his whole video explaining how to use it:

The simplicity yet efficacy of this template easily makes it on this “Notion Templates for Students” list.

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3) The Campus Life Organizer by Will Ma

Already about to graduate and need a template focused on your planning your next steps? Well, this Notion template by Will Ma has the usual budget, classes, and packing lists but also comes with a job application and habit tracker!

Campus Life Organizer Notion Template

This template uses Notion’s job app template to save your resume and cover letter to help in your job or internship search.

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

In spite of the name, this template feels better as a transitional organizer to help you get ready for the “real world” after college. You can still take your class notes and block out your schedule, but I believe this template is most suited for the college senior (or fourth year) whose prepping to find a job and figure out their next steps after graduating.

If this sounds like you, I would also consider setting up your LinkedIn profile to help on your job hunt. You can actually get 1 month of LinkedIn Learning for FREE and the coolest part is that you can add your completed courses directly on your LinkedIn page. I took a leadership fundamentals and intro to programming course that actually helped me build out this site. Hopefully, it’ll help as you use this template to organize your job search.

The Campus Life Organizer also comes with a goal board to help you keep track of your overarching goals

Goals List Notion Template

Check this template out if you’re hoping to make the transition from college to adulthood easier! And if you need any career advice to help you on your job search, check out Will Ma’s website! He’s got some great articles focused on helping students and young professionals navigate their careers.

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4) Resonance Calendar Notion Templates by Ali Abdaal and Brandon Zhang

This isn’t your traditional calendar template where you plug in your class schedule (but we do have an article outlining how you can Schedule Your School Life in 5 Minutes).

Resonance Calendar Notion Template by Ali Abdaal

This Resonance Calendar Template by Ali Abdaal is really a “come-back-and-reflect-on-this-later” template. If something you read or listen to “resonates” with you, then you can add it into your calendar to reflect back on it later.

When you’re overwhelmed with career fair events, productivity podcasts, and remembering where the best off-campus Mexican food is, this can be a helpful way to keep all those ideas in one place.

Resonance Calendar Gallery Notion Template

This also helps when you learn something new from workshops.

Duplicate Ali Abdaal’s template→

Organizing all these ideas can be a pain but this Ali’s Resonance Calendar helps it all in one place.

However, if you’re looking for a template that offers an overview of the ideas you are consuming, then try out this Resonance Calendar by Brandon Zhang instead.

Resonance Calendar List View Notion Template

This version of the Resonance Calendar suited my style and it might suit yours too.

Duplicate Brandon Zhang’s template→

5) Minimalist Habit Tracker Template for Notion by Thomas Frank

Here’s another template from the GOAT Thomas Frank on tracking your habits in a fast and simple way.


Screenshot from ThomasJFrank.com

It helps keep track of your daily habits, works great on your phone, has toggles for weekly summaries, and there’s even a full-length video on how to use this template to be a task completing Pokémon Master!

I suck at tracking my habits so even if you haven’t downloaded this template yet, I already did.

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Learning and Study Notion Templates for Students

If you need a faster way to skim through a dense research article or memorize last week’s lecture, then these four notion templates are for you!

6) AIC —> Synthetic Note Template by Dr. Raul Pacheco-Vega

You’re gonna be writing a TON of research papers in college. And nobody has time to read through every page in whatever article your professor assigned. Thankfully, this Synthetic Note Template is designed to help you skim through only the important stuff of whatever paper, article, or journal you may be using for your paper.

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

Combine this template with a research assistant tool like Zotero to save time writing your next research paper. Personally, I’m a fan of opening Google Docs and skimming through the paper myself like a mad man, but if you’re a fan of Notion, this can be a great addition to your workstation. Whether you’re in high school, college, or grad school this template is really well structured and I couldn’t recommend it enough.

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Stuck Figuring Out How To Use These Notion Templates?

So you made it this far, that probably means you love Notion, but you may not know all the cool features it has to offer. So we partnered with Skillshare to offer 1 FREE month of premium classes! This way you can learn everything you need to learn about Notion to manage your academic life.

Notion Courses on Skillshare

Get access to free Notion 101 courses with 1 free month of Skillshare Premium!

7) Spaced Repetition Notion Template by Brandon Zhang

If you struggle with learning or memorizing a topic for class, then you should try your learning through this Spaced Repetition Template.

If you don’t know what Spaced Repetition is check out this explainer article, but in short you prioritize studying the lessons you struggle with the most while focusing less on the topics you already understand.

Spaced Repetition Notion Template-Web

This template helps you create a system that organizes the lessons you’re trying to learn in the order in which you should study them. This is different from using flashcards where you randomly bombarded with whatever card is next.

I honestly would recommend using a flashcard system like Anki to help you improve your learning. We go over why in our article on The 6 Best Strategies To Help You Study, but if you need a place to write down comments and notes, incorporate this template into your learning routine.

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8) The Ultimate Semester Organizer by Janice Studios

I could describe what this template is but photos will do more justice.

Ultimate Semester Organizer Notion Template-Web

This notion template was literally created for the semester college student. The dashboard comes jam-packed with a weather widget, Spotify, to-do list widget, and so much more!

This Notion template by Janice Studios is crazy organized and literally puts everything you need to organize your semester in one place. I 10/10 would recommend you check it out.

It’s got a unique aesthetic and isn’t suited for the quarter system most UC schools structure themselves on, but the beauty of Notion is its customizability! So you can configure it to fit a quarter schedule or your specific school needs.

With how well it’s organized, I had to add it to this list!

Duplicate the template→

9) The College Hub by Mayer Adelberg

For students who want an all-in-one station for college, here’s a template from Mayer Adelberg that combines 3 major key items for college students: Academics, Personal Life, and Finances.

This template is different from the Ultimate Semester Organizer in the way that it’s more of a headquarters for everything going on in your college life, not just studying. But I included it anyway because one of the two biggest factors to help you study is time management.

College Hub Notion Template

The College Hub Notion Template for College Students, or any student for that matter, organizes all your classes, and weekly assignments on the dashboard. You can filter them out by class or assignment.

There’s also a catalog section to help you keep track of everyone you’ve ever interacted with on campus. You know, in case you run into the next Bill Gates.

Contacts for College PRM Notion Template

And of course the budget section. I actually wrote a whole Personal Finance 101 Guide for College Grads, but if you prefer to keep track of your finances on Notion, this will make sure you’re not going to break the bank impulse buying those Coachella tickets.

College Hub Expenses Notion Template-Web

This College Hub template puts everything all in one place so that you don’t have to search for anything. With three of the most important parts of your college life centralized, you can save time while having peace of mind. If you combine this template with a solid time management calendar, you’ll honestly be unstoppable.

This template also comes with a super well-done video on how to use it. Because Mayer’s a transfer student, his video also offers great nuggets of advice. For example, saving your syllabus to show your new university which classes you already received credit for.

Love the template, love the advice, check out the template.

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Resume and Portfolio Notion Templates for College Students

10) Job Application Tracker by Notion

Notion has its very own Job App Tracker Notion Template with cover letter and resume attachment features. It even includes a clean dashboard to simplify the job search process. This is actually the same Job App Tracker you’ll find in Will Ma’s Campus Life Notion Template for College Students!

Job App Tracker by Notion Dashboard-web

With people losing their jobs because of the pandemic, I really think job tracking templates are timely for many college grads.

I even interviewed a college grad who talked about how he went from working at Trader Joe’s to landing a full-time job in BioTech:

But if you’re a current college student, you can retrofit this template to help with your internship search. Combine this template with our guide on how to apply to internships and you’ll be hired soon enough!

Job App Tracker Notion Template List View-web

As someone who has struggled to organize all the various jobs I’ve applied to, this Job Application Tracker template helps simplify a stressful and messy process.

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11) Portfolio Tracker Template (2.0) by Zoe Chew

Whether you’re a college student or college grad, if you have any projects, art, essays, products, contracts, or plans you want to share, then you need this personal portfolio template from Zoe Chew!

Portfolio Tracker Notion Template

Having control and accessibility to your projects becomes increasingly important as you start to build your reputation and trust amongst not only your peers but other professionals too.

Zoe made it easy with her Notion template by adding in a portfolio tracker right on the dashboard:

Portfolio Tracker Notion Template List View

Get started with your own portfolio and duplicate her template as a blueprint for what you hope to share with the world.

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12) Personal Website Template by Muaz Aznan

Everything we do seems to take place online now these days. And as a developing young professional, it’s super important that you create your own personal professional brand.

Conveniently, a website can be the perfect way to showcase who you are, what you do, and what you have accomplished.

Luckily, this Personal Website Notion Template from Muaz Aznan gives you a head start on setting up your own personal site without ANY code!

Muaz Aznan's Personal Website Notion Template

Think of it as creating your very own online business card which you never have to print! Definitely saving money on ink with this template.

I actually got the opportunity to reach out to Muaz and he created a Fresh Notion template that anyone can customize.

Personal Website Notion Template

With a sleek design, you can create your own personal profile of who you are as a student (or grad) and showcase yourself! However, setting up your own personal website can get a bit tricky so here’s a Notion video explaining how you can get started!

If you’re a college student or college grad ready to start making your own personal site, check this template out!

Duplicate this template→

Side note:

If you want to create your own domain to share with people instead of having to send a really long notion url, check this tutorial out: LINK TO VIDEO.

When paying for a hosting service or a domain name, HostGator has been my go-to for cheap website hosting since 2017. And if you’re looking for an affordable domain provider for your website’s domain name, try out Hover.

13) Student Loan Tracker by Yuhna

This is the most American Notion template for college students of all time. You know we are stuck racking up thousands of dollars in student debt while the homies in Europe are relaxing with their free college education.

Yeah, you can save money renting textbooks, signing up for 6 free months of Amazon Prime Student, and shopping at the Ross. You can even learn how to win thousands of dollars in scholarships like my friend Kathy. She outlines her whole strategy to find $30,000 in scholarships:

But sometimes there’s no escaping student loans. So you might as well make it easier to track your student loans with this Student Loan Tracker Notion Template by Yuhna.
Student Loan Tracker Notion Template

The best way to tackle a problem is to come up with a plan and with student loans, coming up with a repayment timeline is the first step.

If you’re really trying to supercharge your personal finances, I wrote an Ultimate Guide on Financial Literacy on everything I wish I knew before graduating college. It’s everything you’ll need to know to master your money.

Shout-out to Yuhna for understanding that the US financial struggle is real.

Duplicate this template→

14) Class Grade Calculator by Notion

Here’s your standard Grade Calculator Notion template for all your college classes. It can definitely help you gauge how well you’re doing in the class and keep you focused on what’s important.

Grade Calculator Notion Template

Usually, I find these calculators helpful so that you know not to waste time working on HW that’s only worth 5% of your final grade. When learning how to study like a top student, prioritizing your workload is important!

Don’t stress about the code written on the template because all you have to do is plug in the coursework and the weight they have on your class grade.

Grade Calculator Notion Template-Web

If for some reason you find yourself stressing over the midterm worth 50% of your grade, you can get a month of CourseHero for free to access great resources specific to your class! Combine CourseHero with this template and you’ll never be surprised with your final grade again!

Duplicate this template→

Extracurricular Notion Templates for Students

These templates will you remember the people and plans you have throughout the year. If there’s a party, I have a template with a plan.

15) Trip Planner Notion Template by Dana Griff

People in college travel. A lot! They travel abroad, they travel with friends, they go to Mexico, they get stranded in Utah (avoid Utah!).

Simple travel planner Notion Template

So this template is for all the college travelers who want an easy way to plan out their next trip.

Everyone says they’re a broke college student until that refund check hits! Then, all of a sudden, they’re in Mexico enjoying spring break. So you’ll definitely need this travel planner Notion template to help organize your plans.

Trip planner notion template for college students

This trip planner comes with a booking and budget manager to help organize some of the tedious parts of your travel plans.

If you’re struggling to find cheap flights, I highly recommend using Scott’s Cheap Flights! They send you notifications of cheap flights happening every day and I got a $500 roundtrip to Iceland! I really got to go glacier hiking on a real glacier! They have a free plan that shows a ton of really awesome deals but I love to travel so the premium plan is my go-to.

Scott Cheap Flights cheap flight deals homepage

If you want to give props to the creator of this template, Dana Griff, you can reach her Insta here.

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16) People Tracker & Birthday Reminder by Philipp Stelzel

Created by Philipp Stelzel, this People Tracker & Birthday Reminder Notion Template is a great way to keep track of all the people you’ll meet while at college! Trust me, after four years it can get super overwhelming. And with Facebook shutting down these days, it’s getting easier to forget that it’s your housemate’s bday tomorrow.

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

This Notion template comes with a calendar overview of all the upcoming events happening in your life. I can’t tell you how many times I double-booked plans on my own mama’s bday! RIP, don’t be like me.

The people tracker also helps organize whoever you’ll stumble into during college career fairs, workshops, summits, and other networking events.

24 Free Notion Templates for College Students

This template is free but if you want to show Phillipp some appreciation for this kick-ass template then slide him a tip on the download page. Besides that, step your b-day and networking game with one of the most convenient notion templates for college students.

Download this template→

17) Movie Library by Phillipp Stelzel

If you’re a movie lover like me, then you KNOW I had to recommend another Philipp Stelzel Notion template. This one helps you figure out which movie to watch with the college homies.

Movie Library Template for Notion

We LOVE watching movies and there’s a good chance your university hosts free movie days. Better yet, if you go to UCLA, you’ll probably get see the Red Carpet Premiere of Spiderman: No Way Home.

Regency Theaters on Broxton Avenue at UCLA

Photo by Ken Roe

So if you’re a movie fanatic, here’s a great template to help you list movies you’ll want to watch with the homies and catalog the ones you hope to watch soon. It also comes with:

Not gonna lie, Spiderman: No Way Home is pretty lit! But if you’d rather watch it at home because of this panini, then you can just sign up for Disney Plus instead.

Download this template→

18) The Party Planners Notion Template (for college students) by Priya Srivastava

Do I even have to explain? It’s college! Y’all better be living it up with this Notion template from Prototion.

This party planner Notion template comes with 3 planners: Wedding, Gaming, and Party Planning. Obviously, unless you live near a drive-thru wedding like UNLV, you’ll probably only have to use the last two.

Birthday Party Planner Tracker

They all come with a guest list, a budget organizer, and a to-do list.

If you’re tryna have the craziest darty at Berkeley or want to plan the ultimate party that’ll make even the #1 party school jealous, then you gotta duplicate this Notion template. For college students, this easiest way to make sure your next party is LIT (or at least organized)!

Download this template→


Honorable Mentions

These are templates I thought were great but got too lazy to write full-on reviews of them. If the templates above weren’t your style and you wanted other options, check out these incredible templates below:

19) School Hub by Norah

A robust all-in-one place to organize your classes, notes, planner, studying, and college apps (if you plan to apply to college or grad school). Shout out to Norah for sharing her template!

School Hub Notion Template for College Students and High School Students

Duplicate this template→

20) Trello Style Kanban Todo List by Notion

If you really like Trello or know what Kanban is, then this to-do list on Notion is for you!

Simple Kanban Board Notion Template

Duplicate this template→

21) Class Notes by Notion

This is a pretty simple class notes template. Yeah, it’s simple but I’m sure with some creativity this could be a really useful template to help you take quick (and somewhat disorganized) notes. I honestly would recommend Thomas Frank’s note-taking template but this template is great for those who thrive in simplicity.

Class Notes Notion Template for college students

Still better than having all your notes in that binder you keep leaving in your closest. Am I right? …

Duplicate this template→

22) Simple Job Application Tracker by Kalm Girl

This easy-to-use job app tracker Notion template comes complete with a job application board and quick links. You can easily customize the quick links to carry attachments of your resume and cover letter.

Simple Job Application Tracker Template

Duplicate this template→

23) Advanced One Page Travel Planner by Nazzareno Giannelli

Okay, this One Page Travel Planner Notion Template isn’t actually free which is why it’s in the honorable mentions. So why would you want to add this template to your toolbox of Notion templates? For students who are die-hard travelers, this template is simply too good to pass up. If the Trip Planner Notion template recommended above isn’t enough for you then here are two good reasons to download and duplicate this template:

  1. It’s a SUPER advanced all-in-one travel planner (well worth the €3, or $3.50 for us American college people)
  2. The creator actually made a whole video on how to go about making this Notion template yourself! For college students, learning how to build this template should be easy!

If you’re someone who dreams up checklists for all the places you want to visit, then you DEFINITELY need this One-Page Travel Planner from Nazzareno Giannelli. His notion template is a BEAST! Pair this up with great deals on cheap flights and you’ll have stamps all over your passport!

One Page Travel Planner Notion Template Dashboard

Although everything can fit in one page, this template is extremely robust, combining Google My Maps, an adjustable weather widget, and multiple ways of viewing your travel plans. You can easily categorize your plans by priority level, date, or even view them on a calendar.

Maps and Planner on One Page Travel Planner Notion Template

This template may seem overwhelming but it’s made for the die-hard travel fans. If you’re the go-to travel planner in your college friend group, then this is for you.

Here’s a video of him explaining how to get the most of this notion template. For college students who love traveling, this template is definitely A1.

Download this template→

Final Thoughts

So, as you can tell from this massive list, Notion is one heavy-hitting machine organization machine. If you were looking for Notion Templates for College Students, think of this as an extensive list made for you.

I really looked through so many Youtube videos, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Reddit posts, shifting through a plethora of paid and free markets just to create this kick-ass list of some of the best free Notion templates for college students.

So if you found it helpful, feel free to give it a share on any of those platforms I just mentioned. Sharing this article, along with any of the others on this site, really helps me create more articles like this.

To my fellow college peers, good luck with the school year!

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FAQ on Notion Template for Students:

Where can I find more Notion templates?

Free and paid Notion templates can be found on:

You can also find more templates searching for the term “notion templates” on Reddit, youtube, and Twitter.

Why should I use Notion templates as a student?

How do college students set up Notion?

Sign up for an account with your university email, create your own workstation or duplicate a template to get started.

If you’re still struggling with learning how to use Notion, there are a bunch of well-made courses on Skillshare to help you get started. And you get 1 month free when you sign up for our Skillshare affiliate link!Notion Courses on Skillshare

Is Notion good for college students?

Hell yeah! You have so many tools to improve your productivity, organization, and time management, you’d be crazy to think Notion wasn’t good for college students.

How do I download a Notion template?

Simply log in to Notion, find a template you like, and hit the duplicate button on the right-hand side of the template.

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