27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

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2022 Back-To-School Aesthetic Backpacks

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So you’e going back to school and you’re ready to flex on your friends with your back to school fit. You’re gonna need these aesthetic backpacks to match. I won’t bore you with some long story about how I used to shop in the Ross for a dope backpack, so here’s the list of the 27 aesthetic backpacks to pick.

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

My Top 2 Aesthetic Backpacks for 2022

Best Timbuk2 Backpack

  1. Timbuk2 Parkside Laptop Backpack – $88.99**

Okay I lied, I did use to buy backpacks once a year from the Ross. BUT, I was struggling paying for a $30 backpack that would fail on me. Then I stumbled upon one of the ultimate aesthetic backpacks I ever seen while I was visiting my homies in San Fransisco.

The Timbuk2 is hands down amazing! I bought the red one (my favorite color) and I absolutely loved it! It has 4 sets of containers, a laptop holder (that has saved my laptop every time I dropped it on the ground), super lightweight, and even has a bottle opener that came in clutch during house parties.

I kid you not, I was the hero right before rushing to UCSB’s Young Thug Halloween Concert in the Thunderdome!

This backpack had my back when I traveled through Japan, Iceland, Thailand, Mexico, and I take this guy EVERYWHERE. It’s been 5 years and even though she’s getting old, I still haven’t replaced.

And even if I do, Timbuk2 believes in sustainability, so when I turn it in, I get a 20% discount on my next backpack for helping reduce waste!

This backpack is sold out right now and could only find a seller on eBay but there are plenty of other options available on Amazon!

If you’re lucky enough to find this backpack in the the TimBuk2 store or on Amazon, then choose your favorite color, and get this versatile aesthetic backpack!

2. UGRACE Vintage Laptop Backpack with USB Charging – $32.99

UGRACE Vintage Laptop Backpack with USD Charging from Amazon

You want a simple yet cool almost quite aesthetic backpack? Then you need this Grace Vintage Laptop Backpack. It comes with a magnetic belt to ensure your class notes are snugged in with an external USB charging port for easy smartphone charging.

You know many times my phone has died while roaming around campus? Imagine getting ready to go home after a long day of classes and you’re stuck walking 15 minutes with no music because your battery is dead! RIP 😭 Not gonna be you though with this aesthetic backpack from the FUTURE!

It comes with metal zippers, leather reenforced shoulder straps, and is made out of weather resistant material. Definitely a nice choice.

Best Aesthetic Backpacks Under $30

Okay so you’re pulling up to school on a budget. I get it! I’ve been there, shopping at Marshall’s with my headphones looking for a swaggy looking backpack under $30. I gotchu though.

3. Himawari Kawaii Backpack – $27.99

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

This is on the list because this is aesthetic backpack is cute af! It’s a little astronaut bunny looking for pom poms (that come with the backpack)! It comes with multiple pockets and a 12 year warranty so what’s not to love?

And I know it says it’s meant for teens but I seen college kids bring stuff like into the dorm room so no shame in wanting to show off how bubbly you are.

4. Himawari Backpack/Waterproof Backpack College Vintage 14 inch Laptop for Student- $28.89

Himawari Waterproof 14.9 inch Vintage Laptop Backpack for Students

Okay this is a backpack for the college guys and girls who need something practical, stylish, and mature.

This backpack comes with water-resistant polyester, a laptop carrier, and interior water bottle carrier, and comes in 20 different styles and colors. I think this one of the most versatile aesthetic backpacks that can fit your unique personal style while also being practical.

5. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack (Grey Only) $29.99

Modokor Vintage Backpack


“Yo Chris, didn’t you already recommend this backpack?” Well technically I didn’t. This just happens to be a backpack your roommate will find on AliExpress and try and sell it in his next dropshipping business. Hang it up bro, you not gonna sell anyone with that terrible Shopify store you made.

Well why recommend it then? Well because it’s the only “brand” that carries this vintage backpack in blue. And blue is a dope color!

… So stay organized with this “Modoker” Vintage Blue Backpack!

6. Summit Ridge Backpack – $18.00

Laptop Aesthetic Backpack with Padded Back

This backpack has one thing it’s selling and that’s simple! You wanted something simple with no frizzles? This the backpack for you. Will you have the most practical backpack? Not really but for $18.00 it ain’t hard to pass up.

7. Japanese Cherry Blossom Sakura Tree Backpacks Travel Laptop Daypack School Bags for Teens Men Women – $24.99

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

This backpack is cool. That’s it.

8. Earth Pak -Waterproof Dry Bag – $30.00 for a 30L size (average size)

Earth Pak- Waterproof Dry Bag

if you want something weatherproof and long lasting, then you need this weather proof backpack. If you live in Seattle where it rains like Kyogre used drizzle, then you need this bad boy.

Although this is mainly used for camping trips, I know a ton of college students who take environmental science classes where they literally have to camp outdoors. I know it sounds crazy but for them, this backpack will ensure their notes and electronics stay absolutely dry!

It literally has welded leak proof seams. This definitely would’ve been nice during monsoon season at UCSB (which is located right next to the beach).

It may not be the most aesthetic backpack in the world, but it is the most practical. Especially with how Waterproof and THICC this backpack is. Pair it up with an umbrella and you’ll survive any rainy day. And it definitely beaks wrapping a trash bag over your backpack!

Best Backpacks for Students Under $50

9. Attack on Titan Large Capacity Backpack – $40.00

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

If you’re a huge fan of anime then you probably heard of Attach on Titan, arguably one of the best modern animes to date. If you’re a fan, I really don’t have to sell you on why this backpack is on the list. 10/10 would recommend.

  1. Burton Treble Yell 21L Backpack – on Sale for $39.99

Burton Treble Yell 21L Aesthetic Backpack

You rock with Burton’s? Well you should! This backpack comes in 5 different styles and has four different holders for your laptop, headphones, iPhone, water bottle, and penny board!

I use to ride with a penny and find a place to put it when walking in the library was always a hassle. I already know someone is gonna call me out for not holding it by rails, but my mama raised be better than that ya nasties.

Pair this aesthetic backpack with the hydro color scheme and a blue wolf penny board (my personal choice) and people are gonna offer to take them instagram photos for you! Have to chase them #PhotoCreds am I right?

  1. Burton Treble Yell 21L Backpack – $49.99

Burton Treble Yell 21L Backpack

I know this the same aesthetic backpack you saw 2 seconds ago but not everyone is impressed with the dynamic “look at me” colors so you know I had to represent the “simple backpack” only homies who read this site for my kick ass college tips. 10/10 would still recommend this backpack for my low-key clout chasers. I see you! 💪🏼

12. DAYLITE® CINCH by Osprey – 49.95

Osprey Daylight Aesthetic Backpack

Personally I’m not a fan of the Osprey design of backpacks but I know people still want the quality of a eco-friendly Patagonia backpack, but on a tighter budget. So here is a nice and simple, lightweight outdoor backpack, that saves the Earth while also being affordable.

If you love the design, more power to you! It really only made this list of aesthetic backs because my friend recommended I do. Kylie if you’re reading this, you are welcome!


Van's Street Sport Realm Backpack

As a former skater I had to put in this classic Vans backpack. This backpack really only has one place to put all your folders and notebooks and a small pouch to put your pens. This thing is BEYOND simple.

I even almost forgot it has a water bottle holder. You can even get a yellow one for $50.00 on Amazon.

But look at the design! Seeing my friends pull up with this backpack always made me feel like I was hanging out with the cool kids at school. We were all a bunch of premed nerds so jokes on us. This classic black aesthetic backpack still cool as hell.


Vans X Skateistan Backpack

You can not tell me this Venetian inspired new arrival backpack from Vans DOES NOT GO HARD. Look at this thing! Literally looks like someone went back in time to get Leonardo Davinchi himself to design this backpack! Absolutely crazy! It barely makes the $50 mark but I’d be happy to throw this guy on! Even comes with a padded laptop sleeve.


Old Skool H20 Solid Van Aesthetic Backpack

Honestly, just go shop at Vans for some aesthetic backpacks. I know this is the 3rd one I featured on this list but just look at the design! It’s got that off the wall old school design that’s simple and bold!? Like how do you even do that?

I’m sorry, I could be biased because I really enjoy simple and affordable designs that go with a simple wardrobe so, yeah.

But that’s the last Vans backpack, I promise!

16. Naruto Shippuden Nyaruto Group Mini Backpack – $31.45

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

I am a HUGE anime fan so you KNOW I had to feature this Naruto Shippuden backpack for this backpack list.

Yea is it any different from any other backpack? No not really, but it’s got Naruto character as cats! Like come on that’s a pretty aesthetic backpack to me.

It’s on sale on Hot Topic for $31.45 but you can get that free two-day shipping on Amazon for $44.90

17. Harry Potter Slytherin Floral Mini Backpack – $44.95

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

It’s a Harry Potter backpack with a modern twist. It’s got cool designs representing each of the 5 houses giving you the perfect excuse to let everyone know you’re a Ravenclaw for the 20th time.

18. Harry Potter Navy & Gold Quidditch Mini Backpack – $44.90

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

As long as we’re still talking about Harry Potter, I might as well tell you about the Gold Quidditch Backpack.

The black and gold design really make this backpack stand out without showing off how much you love Harry Potter.

19. Loungefly Pokemon Evee & Eeveelutions Mini Backpack

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

Okay I’m a Pokemon FANATIC, but this this Eevee backpack made this list for a reason! This list is all about backpacks and this is probably the best brown white color combo I’ve ever seen on a backpack.

Yeah you might be too embarrassed to wear this in high school, but in college, you’ll probably get HELLA people asking you where you got this cool pack!

If you’re an Eevee fan, or even a huge Pokemon fan like myself, then you have to get this backpack!

Best Aesthetic Backpacks for Students Under $75

20. Mountain Classic Cordura Pack, Mini – $69.95

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

I LOVE L.L. Bean gear. Their sweaters are super lightweight and warm af so I had to feature their quality backpacks. It’s got those classic Swedish colors that give this aesthetic backpack a colorful vintage look.

It comes with water repellent and abrasion resistant material to make it through your four years of high school or college!

And if you hate it (which I doubt) you can return it within 1 year for a refund! You just have to pay for shipping but it’s free if you return it to a L.L. Bean store or outlet.

I’m a big L.L. Bean fan! I wore my L.L. bean sweater during my trip to Iceland so you I stand by their quality. Try this backpack on for size! With that one year return policy, you really have nothing to lose!

  1. Bygone 30 Pack – On Sale $59!

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

This backpack is everywhere! When I say everywhere, I mean it’s in every travel vlog, it’s around school, it’s in my Amazon recommendations. I mean freaking everywhere and for good reason! This backpack is an all in one knapsack aesthetic “trail or campus” pack meant for any outdoor situation.

Like most backpack it comes with a laptop carrier, 2 side pockets, and a water bottle holder. However, its main perk is its FeelCool back panel. Because it’s meant to handle the outdoors, this backpack helps to prevent overheating when the sun is beating down on you during your walks on a trail or at ASU. Hot as hell over there!

If you don’t want to wait, you can buy this backpack on Amazon for $71.99.

  1. The North Face Daypack – $68.99

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

If you don’t know, North Face is another versatile backpack meant for the outdoors. It’s got a ton of pockets for water bottles, snacks, and even your laptop. If you need something rugged and durable, this backpack has a polyester shell that helps maintain itself.

  1. Pokemon Pikachu Sepia Mini-Backpack – $69.99

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

Didn’t expect to see a Pikachu Backpack on this aesthetic backpack list did you? Oh. You did? Well it’s pretty clean, right?! It’s got the classic 90’s Pikachu before they made him go on a diet. He looks absolutely amazing and I’m already adding him to my wishlist for when I go to grad school.

Best Aesthetic Backpacks for Students Under $100

24. Rains Backpack Mini – $95

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

This photo was taken from the NYT’s Wirecutter but we’re blacklisting them until they pay their workers better so buy this backpack off of Amazon.

Tall, slim, and handsome is the only way to describe this slick black backpack. If you needed something clean yet discrete for when you’re running late to class, then you need to add this backpack to the shopping list. It comes with

It really only has space for a laptop and say some folders but it’s rain resistant and slick af.

This the only way I’m going to flex on my peers unapologetically!

It’s also available on Lyst right now for $80 with shipping included!

25. Patchwork: Paintbrush Red | Style No. 48545 – on Sale for $99

27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

Yo already KNOW I had to recommend a Patagonia backpack. Yea they’re pricey but they have a LIFETIME warranty and use 100% recycled polyester. I know a ton of my Gen Z folk are always wondering

  1. Everyday Backpack 2.0 23L by Lululemon – on Sale for $99.00
27 Aesthetic Backpacks for Students (for the 2022 Year)

We got the swaggy red Lululemon Everyday Backpack on the left.

This backpack is literally an excuse to flex. I used to see the sorority girls at my school roll up with this bag on as they pulled up to the library.

This backpack is extra and honestly pretty eye catching. If you got the cash to drop on this exterior flex than 10/10 would recommend.


This clean grey Core Backpack is on sale for $99.

And for those that want a clean look without all the gawking then check out Lululemon’s Core Backpack (above). It’s got that quality look with a bunch of needed subtleness.

Aesthetic Backpack for Students Over $100

27. Fjallraven Classic Kånken 13″ Laptop Backpack – $117

Kanken 15 inch Laptop Aesthetic Backpacks for Everyday use

This backpack is so popular, it showed up on the NYT’s Wirecutter for best aesthetic backpacks for students. The NYT’s calls it a great “vintage-influenced” design that looks like something Otis from Netflix’s Sex Education would use to school.

If you have a 13″ laptop, then this backpack will fit, but you can always pick the 15″ Laptop version carry a larger laptop for school (but at that point I would leave that desktop at home lool).

It’s bright, it’s vintage, it’s lit, and has some of the best reviews out there. Had to add this to our aesthetic backpack list.

That’s it for this Back-To-School Backpacks List

Now stop reading and find the backpack you like the most. I know you got school work to be focused on right now.


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