The College Lighthouse is a site that seeks to support first gen college students on their journey to college and beyond. Since 2017, the content is created primarily by first gen and inspired students with the goal of empowering the next generation towards success.

Whether you’re trying to figure out how to talk to professors, struggle with asking for letters of rec, or simply want some direction, The College Lighthouse has your back. This platform was made with first gen, low-income, or underrepresented students in mind.

The site has 20+ detailed articles and videos, offering the next generation of college students all the practical advice I wish I had. My goal is to show other first gen college students that despite all the uncertainty they can still be successful at college. I ultimately hope to bridge the academic gaps in education through our articles, tips, and videos on how to win at college. So stay tuned for more!

– Chris

The College Lighthouse Team (basically just me)